Business Introduction
Parts Processing Department

Precision parts processing of
Press parts, Mold parts, Automaton parts and Equipment parts.

Parts Processing Department proposes and sells processed precision parts utilizing large capacity of the China factory to Japanese customers.


  • SKS
  • SKD
  • powdered high-speed steel
  • NAK
  • carbon steel
  • Cemented Carbide
  • aluminum
  • stainless steel
  • brass …etc.
Inventory of Cemented Carbide

We have Everloy G5 (HRA88.0), KD20 (HRA 90.0), EF10 (HRA 92.0) as inventory at the China factory. Correspondence with stock material can reduce material procurement time and delivery time. (In some cases, inventory correspondence may not be available depending on size)

Advantages of Parts Processing Department

By leveraging the following advantages, JANDC will reduce time of product manufacturing as time and effort of parts procurement./p>

  1. *
    Always with the shortest possible delivery date

    Our factory in China has 24-hour 355-day a year operating system, enabling rapid processing with a large amount of equipment.

  2. *
    Processing response ability
    Quantity :
    Correspondence possibility from 1 pcs to small amount until large quantity or 1 set of mould parts
    Variety :
    arious materials and processing are available, and it is possible to handle mold parts for Press, Mold, Automata and Equipment from material removal to complete processing.
  3. *

    The sales staff will handle the correspondence from the time of the request. We will support parts processing such as delivery date, cost adjustment, after-sales follow-up etc. from meeting of quality requirements in parts processing.

Flow from request to delivery

  1. Contact Us

    Please send drawings / DXF through E-mail or fax. A sales representative in charge will respond.

    Contact Us
  2. Hearing / Meeting

    We can make previously arrangement about quality requirements, price and delivery time of products through E-mail, telephone or meeting

    Hearing / Meeting
  3. Quotation

    Estimation takes half a day to 2 days. Basically it will be examined according to the drawing, but in case if we can not correspond because of material or accuracy, we will consult with you separately.

  4. Parts Manufacturing

    Material procurement, heat treatment, processing and inspection are done in the China factory.

    arts Manufacturing
  5. Pre-shipment inspection

    We will conduct final inspection of processed parts at the quality control department of the factory in China before shipping to Japan. At that time, inspection certificate is attached to processed parts. We will make every effort to prevent rust and damage during transportation.

    Pre-shipment inspection
  6. Shipment / Deliverly

    We ship finished products within 1 ~ 2 days from the China factory to Yokohama Head Office via international courier DHL air mail. The next day we ship them to designated location from Yokohama Head Office.

    Shipment / Deliverly

Parts Samples

Profile processing
Profile processing
Processing range
  • Maximum width 270mm
  • Maximum height 200mm
  • Minimum inner diameter R0.03mm
Processing material Cemented carbide. Steel, Ceramic(customer Payment)
Processing accuracy ±0.002mm
Surface roughness until Ra0.2
Wire proccesing
Processing range
  • Minimum wire diameter 0.1mm
  • Minimum width 0.15mm
  • Minimum inner diameter R0.06mm
Processing material Cemented Carbide, Steel, Aluminium
Processing accuracy ±0.002mm
Surface roughness until Ra0.8
Electrical discharge processing (EDM)
Electrical discharge processing (EDM)
Processing range
  • Minimum inner diameter R0.03mm
Processing material Cemented Carbide, Steel, Aluminium
Processing accuracy ±0.005mm (Flat portion and shape portion)
Surface roughness until Ra0.2
Round parts
Round parts
Processing range
  • Maximum outer diameter Φ100mm、
    Accuracy ±0.005mm
  • Minimum inner diameter Φ3mm、
    Accuracy ±0.003mm
  • Minimum diameter of top Φ0.07mm、
    Accuracy + 0、-0.002mm
Processing material Cemented carbide, Steel, Aluminium
Processing accuracy ±0.002mm
Surface roughness until Ra0.2
Processing range
  • Maximum 500mm*300mm*50mm
Processing material Steel, Aluminium
Processing accuracy ±0.002mm
Surface roughness until Ra0.2
Cumulative pitch within 0.005mm

Processing Example

Processing material Carbon steel
Quantity 48pcs
Processing Methode Profile processing
Processing material Cemented carbide.
Quantity 28pcs
Processing Methode Wire processing
Processing material Carbon steel
Quantity 28pcs
Processing Methode Wire processing
For example : The days until delivery of goods
We deliver in 7 working days.